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Introducing the Society

Find out a little of what we're about, how we're organised and where you find us


The Anglican-Lutheran Society was formed in 1984 by two friends, one British the other American. Both were Christians - one a Lutheran, the other an Anglican. In conversation they quickly realized that neither knew very much about the other's tradition.

Recognizing that there must be many others like them they decided to form a society, and the Anglican Lutheran Society was born.

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Our aims

What is an Anglican?

'Anglicans' belong to a Western Christian tradition which has developed from the practices, liturgy, and identity of the Church of England following the English Reformation. The word ‘Anglican’ comes from 'Ecclesia Anglicana', a medieval Latin phrase that means ‘the English Church’. Now 85 million members are part of national or regional Churches that call themselves Anglican (or Episcopal in some countries) and together they are known as the Anglican Communion.  To learn more click here.

What is a Lutheran?

'Lutherans' form one of the largest branches of Christian Protestantism. They identify with the teachings of Martin Luther, a 16th-century German reformer whose efforts to reform the theology and practice of the church of his day were major factors in launching the Protestant Reformation. Today the Lutheran World Federation comprises some 148 national and regional denominations and churches in the Lutheran tradition with over 75.5 million Christians in 99 countries. To learn more click here.

Who we are

The Rt Rev Dr Michael Ipgrave

The Rt Rev Dr Michael Ipgrave

Anglican Moderator

Michael is Bishop of Lichfield, a diocese of the Church of England

The Rev Dr Jaakko Rusama

The Rev Dr Jaakko Rusama

Lutheran Moderator

Jaakko is Associate Professor in the Faculty of Theology, University of Helsinki, Finland

Canon Dick Lewis

Canon Dick Lewis


Dick is a member of the Church of England and also edits 'The Window'

Mr Patrick Litton

Mr Patrick Litton


Patrick is Finance Director of SPCK, the oldest Anglican mission agency

The Rt Rev Jana Jeruma-Grinberga

The Rt Rev Jana Jeruma-Grinberga

Lutheran President

Jana is Bishop Emerita of the Lutheran Church in Great Britain

The Rt Rev David Hamid

The Rt Rev David Hamid

Anglican President

David is the Suffragan Bishop in Europe

Committee at Lichfield

Assisted by a committee:

The Ven Christine Allsopp (Anglican)
Mrs Sally Barnes (Anglican)
The Very Rev Tom Bruch (Lutheran)
The Rev Jonathan Collis (Anglican)
The Rev Sarah Farrow (Lutheran)
Mrs Helen Harding (Anglican)
Dr Richard Stephenson (Lutheran)
The Very Rev Eliza Zikmane (Lutheran)

Observers and co-opted members:

Mr David Carter (Methodist)
Fr Phillip Swingler (Roman Catholic)

Find our Constitution click here

View our Safeguarding Policy here

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Worldwide Membership

The Society had its small beginnings in Britain, where Lutherans form a minority among Christian believers, but over the years membership spread into other European countries, where it is the Anglicans who form the minority, and on across the world. Today there are members in 34 different countries. This growth reflects the remarkable convergence in theological understanding that has taken place in the Anglican and the Lutheran Communions in recent years. Our two traditions have a deep affinity in faith, worship, life and mission and each has much to offer that can enrich the other. Members of the Society find this out for themselves as they meet, worship, study and enjoy fellowship together.




South Africa


United Kingdom



Coming Together

All over the world Anglicans and Lutherans have been drawing closer together in ways that are significant:

Details of more recent Anglican and Lutheran ecumenical discussions in other places around the world can be found here.

Clearly, the more aware people of our two traditions are of these discussions and agreements, and of the possibilities they open up, the better. The Society keeps members informed by publishing a newsletter called ‘The Window', by encouraging members to arrange local meetings and workshops, and by arranging regular conferences.


Some of our members act as Coordinators in their own national context. They maintain contact with the members in their area, anyone interested in knowing more about the Society can approach them, and they keep the wider membership informed about ecumenical events and developments in their countries.

The Rev Susanne Skovhus Denmark

The Rev Dr Jaakko Rusama Finland

The Rev Dr Miriam Haar Germany

The Rev Fredrik Ulseth Norway

The Ven Richard Wottle Sweden

Mr Tom VanPoole USA

Our Friends in the USA

When our Society began to attract members in the USA there was a certain amount of confusion.  The 'Anglican' Church there is The Episcopal Church.  So the Society changed its name there to the International Lutheran-Episcopal Society - ILES.  It's the same Society - just a local name-change!  They have their own website linked to this one.  A number of our International Conferences have taken place in the USA as well as in Europe.

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