Anglican-Lutheran Society



International Conference 2020


Rome, 19th-23rd October, 2020

Sadly, this conference has had to be cancelled. But there may well be a virtual conference in late spring 2021 when participants can discuss the ways in which Lutherans and Anglicans have been engaged in separate conversations with the Roman Catholic Church. Hopefully we shall be able to hear from representatives of the three Church Traditions what has been achieved and what obstacles still stand in the way of Church Unity. Details of this virtual conference will appear as soon as possible.

We were advised that uncertainty about travel arrangements and the possibility of another ‘spike’ in Corvid-19 made it impossible to proceed with confidence.  The decision was taken as early as possible so that people could adjust their plans and seek refunds for their travel arrangements if they had already made their bookings.  We contacted all who have booked places on the conference, and those on the waiting list.  If you have any queries please contact Mrs Helen Harding at  However, the good news is that plans are afoot to run a virtual conference in late spring 2021 on the same theme, probably over two days, when the speakers will make their presentations online and participants will be able to join in.  It will not be the same as a ‘real’ conference but will certainly be better than nothing.

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