Anglican-Lutheran Society



Conference 2022


Trondheim, Norway

Our conference will take place from Monday 25th – Friday 30th July, 2022, with the option of arriving on the Sunday before and staying on to the Sunday after. The Trondheim International Festival of St Olaf is focused around Nidaros Cathedral in the heart of the city. It is anchored in the thousand-year-old tradition of St Olaf’s Day, 29th July, and provides a forum for, amongst many other things, reflection on the relationship between faith and society.

The Festival offers quality concerts, pilgrim walks and worship services. It offers everyone plenty to take away with them. It will broaden our horizons and strengthen our faith in God, in humanity and in the world.

We shall follow a programme that will sometimes be for us alone, and will sometimes embrace the wider world of the festival. It will combine elements of study and reflection, worship and social interaction, and engagement with local Christians and exploration of their wonderful city.

Planning is well in hand and members have received brochures and booking forms. If you have not had one, or if you are not a member of the Society but are interested in attending the conference, you can click here to find the brochure and click here to download a booking form.

If you have any queries contact the conference registrar at who will be happy to help.

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