Anglican-Lutheran Society
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Members are offered opportunities to meet for worship and study, to get to know one another better and to support each other in Christian witness and service.


Individual Membership

Membership is open to anyone willing to work and pray for the unity of the Church, especially between Anglicans and Lutherans world wide.

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£35 /yr
Couple membership

This membership is offered to two people in the same household

£50 /yr
Group membership

Group Membership is open to congregations or to Ecumenical Committees of Diocesan/Synodical or National Churches

£12 /yr
Unwaged membership

This is for people who are not in receipt of any income or pension apart from state benefits

Student Membership

Membership is offered free to students preparing for ministry in Anglican or Lutheran churches

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If you live outside the United Kingdom

We ask you to submit your application form online and pay the appropriate subscription using the 'Pay Now' button at the end of the form. The amount is shown in pounds Sterling. Please pay the equivalent amount in your own currency.

But if you live in Finland or the USA please contact your local Coordinator who will tell you how to join and what is happening in your own area:

The Rev Dr Jaakko Rusama Finland

Mr Tom VanPoole USA


Membership Renewal

Your membership will require renewing once a year. The Membership Secretary will contact you when the time comes.  So it is important to email the Membership Secretary if any of your details have changed. You can send a message via the Contact Page.