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STUMBLING BLOCKS AND SPRINGBOARDS: Working Together for Forgiveness and Reconciliation


STUMBLING BLOCKS AND SPRINGBOARDS: Working Together for Forgiveness and Reconciliation

A Virtual Event hosted on Zoom

Our unique ecumenical event exploring some of the achievements and outstanding issues on the road to unity has now started. We are focusing on the bi-lateral relationships between the Roman Catholic Church and the Anglican and Lutheran Churches. Four presentations have been posted on YouTube and are now ready for you to watch at your leisure between now and the Live Session on Friday 21st May, starting at 14.00GMT/UTC. Anyone can watch these videos but only those who registered for the Live Session before 30th April will receive the link that enables them to take part. For the link to the four presentations click ‘About the Event’.

To view the four presentations follow this link : Four Presentations

1. Sr Prof Susan Wood focuses particularly on the issues of Eucharistic Sacrifice and Recognition of Ministry.

2. Archbishop Bernard Longley reflects on the Anglican Roman Catholic International Commission (ARCIC) from a Roman Catholic point of view.

3. The Rev Dr Will Adam considers the progress Anglican-Roman Catholic Dialogue from an Anglican viewpoint.

4. Bishop Emeritus Eero Huovinen considers Lutheran-Roman Catholic Dialogue from his Lutheran standpoint.


This will be screened live on Zoom at 14.00 GMT/UTC* on FRIDAY 21st MAY. If you have registered you will receive a link by email enabling you to join in.

*Please note that because the event will include people from many regions of the world the starting time is indicated as GMT/UTC. You should check your own local time in relation to GMT/UTC. For example, it will be 15.00 in the UK; 16.00 in Germany; 17.00 in Finland; 18.00 in Tanzania; 20.30 in India; and only 10.00 in New York.

Details about the main speakers and the programme for the Live Session can be found here

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